Do you believe what we believe: that health should be part of health care?

Do you want to be proactive about your health rather than waiting for

something to go wrong?

Are you tired of being told that everything is fine but you just don’t feel well?

As Naturopathic Doctors we’ve helped thousands of patients: people just like you, to build healthy habits that support your liver and can transform your life!

Gain a deeper understanding of the crucial role your liver plays in wellness.

We offer you practical steps, healthy tips and easy assessments to get you on your way to better health!

If you are feeling overwhelmed about where to start when it comes to your health, the SHINE liver masterclass is for you! After all, the liver is the miraculous biochemistry lab of your whole body, and has a direct impact on digestion, hormone balance, dependable energy, a clear mind and a positive mood.

You’ve likely heard a lot about detox.

We want to demystify this important liver function.

This is an area your GP may not be able to help you with, and Dr Google often seems to inundate you with scare tactics in order to sell you a product.

As naturopathic doctors, we know the central importance of the liver for the health of our patients.

Now we want to share that wisdom and experience with you, in ways that just make sense!

Are you are curious about natural medicine and want reliable information?

The liver masterclass is for you!

Are you are feeling a little rough with the slow creep of new uncomfortable symptoms?

And it's for you!

Are you are dealing with a health issue and seeking every bit of help you can get?

And for you too!

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • A deep dive into detox
  • An appreciation for all your liver does for you
  • Action steps for a fatty liver
  • How to help your gallbladder
  • Understanding your blood tests
  • How to reduce toxins in your home
  • Medications that are hard on the liver
  • How to use food as medicine
  • Herbs that benefit the liver
  • Enjoyable and practical self-care wellness tips

9 sessions of inspiration for joyful ways to love your liver!

What People Love About The Liver Masterclass!

I found the masterclass informative and so interesting that I was taking notes. It is clear and well presented, and the take-home messages and summaries at the end of each session are really helpful.

I have a much better understanding of what my liver does for me now. 

       Suzanne, Life-long learner

The content is fabulous: the pictures, the diagrams. I really loved the explanations of medical concepts in layman's terms that we can all understand.

         Trudy, Registered Massage Therapist

I love the balance between information and interesting facts.

I like that, when describing a condition, you provide an example of what it would look or feel like so that I can picture it, or relate to it.

I wondered if 30 minutes would seem very long, but it went quickly which means it held my attention. There were so many interesting facts: things I didn't know or hadn't thought of.

Ashleigh, Executive Assistant and busy Mom

I found the course at a good level for me, as someone who works in a health-care related field.

It was enlightening. I loved the tips and stories.

Meredith, Chiropodist

Professional, jam-packed, total value! BRAVO SHINE Sisters!! 

         Kerri, business consultant

We are the SHINE doctors and we think differently about health.

As naturopathic doctors licensed in Canada, we have treated thousands of patients, and we really walk our talk.
We believe that the foundations of good health are those you build for yourself.
We know that building good health can be a joyful experience and we are here to show you how to do just that!
We have extensive experience writing and lecturing professionally, and have enjoyed being guests on radio, TV and podcasts. Let us be your guides to creating better health, starting with your liver!

In service of a healthier, happier world,
Dr Ruth Anne Baron ND and Dr Penny Seth-Smith ND


  Session 1
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days after you enroll
  Session 2
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days after you enroll
  Session 3
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  Session 4
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  Session 5
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  Session 6
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  Session 7
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  Session 8
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  Session 9
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Yes, I want to start now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long do I have access to the masterclass?

For 6 months, but the information in the drop-boxes can be downloaded and kept to help your liver for life.

2) Do I have to do a whole session in one sitting?

The sessions are each about 30 minutes long, and you can dip in and out as your busy life allows.

3) Do I have to be tech-savvy to take the course?

No experience is necessary! It was important to us to have a user-friendly way of getting information to you, as we aren’t the most tech-savvy people ourselves.

4) What if I don’t have any knowledge of biology or medicine?

No need for concern: our forte is explaining complicated health concepts in easy-to-understand terms. 

5) Why should I pay for health information when there is so much out there on line?

Yes, there is so much out there, but can you rely on it? Time and effort consulting Dr Google often leads to confusion and even fear. 

Our life’s work is natural medicine, and we are constantly distilling health information for our patients, and now for you. 

6) Should I ask my family doctor before I take this Masterclass?

Certainly, if you wish. A well-informed patient who is proactive about their health is always welcome in any doctor's office.